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Through my in-depth study of the unemployment crisis, I found that the basic fundamentals of finding a job were no longer applicable. Due to the advancement of technology and augmented globalization, I created a job-seeking strategy that was more aligned with the new social media sphere, and doors opened. With deliberate persistence, I secured a position with a top global firm when the shattering workforce bottomed out. I also discovered that those employed were sitting in their secure and cushy comfort zones rather than achieving their professional goals and aspirations. Hence, I created PRESSING BEYOND, a platform that motivates professionals to press beyond their potential in order to reach their desired goals. In addition to writing, I host a weekly podcast, PRESSING BEYOND, a resource that encourages one to press beyond those unyielding obstacles in order to live out their true purpose.   In 2013, I got married and relocated to Pittsburgh where I consult clients on their business aspirations. With a comprehensive background in business, I write web content, and proposals, create business plans and tailor resumes, bios, and online profiles accordingly. I share my knowledge and speak at conferences on achieving professional goals, initiating career transitions, and launching new endeavors. My educational credits include a BA in Theater and an MA in Corporate Communications. As a member of SAG-AFTRA, I am a contributing editor to the industry magazine.

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